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So, you want to be a Certified Club Manager?

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

The Power of Certification

Professional certifications are based on the fundamental premise that the person holding the credential has proven they possess the required knowledge and skills required for a specific role or profession.

The Club Managers Association of Australia has recognised that credibility is paramount and that a professional certification provides value for individuals, clubs and the industry. To this end, they offer the Active Certified Club Managers Award (ACCM).

Individuals who hold the ACCM cite multiple benefits of their certification, including confidence; personal accomplishment; relevance; reputation; and marketability.

For clubs, there is a preference to hire a certified club manager over one who is not. From their perspective, they are looking for validation of an individual’s ability to navigate the variety of managerial tasks and do so with high productivity and insightful problem-solving techniques.

Certification is also valuable for a club’s reputation. Club Managers who have earned certification, have demonstrated a level of competence that can affect perception among members and guests. In a highly competitive space, a well-managed club can heighten the enjoyment levels of members leading to increased visits, referrals and advocacy.

A certification that requires little effort or knowledge or one that everyone can earn is typically of lower value than one that demands effort, experience, knowledge and skill. A rigorous regimen of training and assessment is essential to a successful certification program, which, by its nature, is often perceived as a competitive advantage.

The ACCM has objectivity and rigour and is comprised of two components:

a) Educational/Academic – undertaking the Club Managers Leadership and Management program, a twelve module online, training course, delivered by elevateB (a specialist training company) and independently endorsed by Australis College (a Registered Training Organisation)

b) Activity – attaining ongoing professional development points offered through the educational arm of the Association, Club Management Development Australia.

The Club Managers Leadership and Management program has been modelled on the Diploma of Leadership and Management, ensuring it covers a full gambit of management and leadership topics. Importantly, it has been tailored and contextualised for club environments and day to day club management situations. To successfully complete the program, participants are required to demonstrate required knowledge, skills and abilities through application and activity submissions.

For more information on the Club Managers Leadership and Management program, click here.


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