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elevateB is an educational training provider with a unique set of training programs aimed at providing individuals and businesses with new knowledge and skills to elevate their standing and propel them into the future. 



As the CEO of elevateB, Greg's role is to manage, oversee and be hands-on in the design, development, and delivery of quality training and professional development programs. Programs that add value to the individuals, businesses and industries that utilise elevateB's training services. 
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To achieve its aims, elevateB has partnered with subject matter experts to ensure participant learning outcomes are maximised. 
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The CMAA represents professional managers of registered clubs nationally and provides a diverse range of administrative and managerial services including the provision of advice to directors and implementation of aspects of relevant legislation. The CMAA grant the prestigious and sought after Active Certified Club Managers Award (ACCM)
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Club Management Development Australia works alongside the CMAA as the educational arm. It offers a range of activities that provides the necessary expertise for club managers, their professional development and the maintenance of their ACCM Award. 

FBAA - The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) is a leading broker association for finance and mortgage professionals. The FBAA represents over 8500 brokers across the country.

Five Nines Training is an educational and training consultancy with expertise and capability in Finance and Business Lending. Headed by Phil Dempsey, they specialise in helping finance professionals identify and achieve their career goals through professional development training. 
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Noel Corley is the creator of 'Client Centred Conversations' and an expert in transforming the way advice providers interact with and converse with their clients. By focusing on mindset, intention and language professionals can change the content and structure of their conversations and resonate more powerfully with clients.
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elevateB partners with the Bradford Institute of Advanced Education who issue nationally accredited qualifications 
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