Client Centric Conversations

This program has been designed to deliver specific knowledge and skills for anyone working with or interacting with clients, especially advice and service professionals. The objective is to develop your expertise in creating sustainable relationships with professional colleagues and always interacting with clients and potential clients in a client-serving rather than a self-serving/business-serving mindset.

Professionals who practice and embrace the methods and techniques outlined throughout this program will recognise a variety of benefits including personal satisfaction, receptive & responsive clients and Improved sales



The comprehensive program is delivered via an interactive, online platform providing the flexibility to study and learn at times that suit participants commitments and at a pace that suits their lifestyle. Program material is comprised of readings, links, videos, discussion forums, activities and quizzes in a comprehensive learning experience.

Mindset and Intentions

This module introduces participants to the foundation of Mindset - the catalyst to becoming genuinely "focused on the client". It applies to all professionals who work with clients and have a genuine desire to be integral in sourcing solutions from a clients’ perspective. This may differ from traditional roles and practices. The module focuses on a different approach to client interactions and a shift from historical methods used in the vast majority of industries, commerce and professions.

Communications Styles

This module introduces participants to the concept of communication styles and how an understanding of ourselves, and our clients and potential clients is a prerequisite for effective communication. It also explores the different ways we listen to each other and the power of open questions.


This module explores the historical language (and reaffirms the mindset) of self-centred, self-serving conversations and introduces the newer language of client-centred, client-serving conversations. With knowledge and understanding from the first two modules, client-facing professionals can now choose their mindset and their intentions and utilise the insights around communication styles (of both themselves and their clients) to formulate and conduct meaningful conversations with potential and existing clients. The module provides a structured approach for client meeting preparations and raises awareness of the subtle nuances and conversational differences that can make a real impact.

The Art & Science of Referrals

Asking existing clients and other professionals for “referrals”, is the second hardest thing we ever do in business. The hardest thing we ever do in business is to refer our clients to someone else. This is due to the feelings invoked during this process. This module will challenge your thinking about “referrals” and explore how intentions and mindset influence our language which can change this experience for us, our clients, and our professional partners.





$3,000 including GST