This program has been designed to deliver specific knowledge and skills for financial service professionals. The objective is to develop your individual expertise in the area of finance and lending, especially when working with small to medium-sized businesses.

Business finance and lending professionals understand and recognise a diverse range of business needs, lending products and loan features. From this understanding and recognition, a finance professional can work with businesses to assess their financial situation, determine their lending requirements, provide direction and advice, align suitable finance structures to their requirements and assist with loan application processes.



The comprehensive program is delivered via an interactive, online platform providing the flexibility to study and learn at times that suit participants commitments and at a pace that suits their lifestyle. Program material is comprised of readings, links, videos, discussion forums, activities and quizzes in a comprehensive learning experience.

Business Analysis

This module has been designed to develop your ability to analyse the creditworthiness of a client and their business in the context of the current economic climate, future market, and sector expectations. You will gain an in-depth understanding of key business metrics and industry-specific factors and build your confidence by practising complex concepts, applying new skills, and demonstrating mastery of business analysis as a precursor to business finance needs and options.

Commercial and Business Loans

Having gained an understanding of the different ways to analyse a business, this next module shows you how to discuss commercial financing options with business owners. To determine the best solutions, for clients, you will need to consider capital raising options and align these to commercial and business lending products. This module will assist you to recognise commercial and business lending opportunities, write business lending submissions and negotiate satisfactory outcomes with lenders

Asset and Equipment Financing

Asset and Equipment loans are tailored towards self-employed clients, small business owners and contractors who want the resources to help their business succeed, but who may not necessarily have the capital at the moment. By taking out asset finance, businesses can reduce the risk of owning old equipment and remain at the forefront of their industry with the latest technology. In this module, you will learn the knowledge and skills to become an asset and equipment lending specialist, and feel confident when working and communicating with your business clients and relevant lenders.

Cash Flow Financing

Cash flow financing is a form of financing in which a loan made to a company is backed by a company's expected cash flows. This differs from an asset-backed loan, where the collateral for the loan is based on the company's assets. In this module, you will discover how to assess if a business can borrow money based on projected future cash flow. And assist your business clients in accessing the most appropriate cash flow finance.


When it comes to marketing a service, it can, at times, be more challenging than marketing a product. In finance, you are not selling something that is tangible; you are, in fact selling the invisible. When selling a service, marketing effectively and creating a good customer experience is extremely important in turning a prospect into a client. The overall experience has an impact on the perceived value of the service, which eases the risk that the prospect may feel. This module introduces key marketing tools and technique to support the finance professional and help accelerate the growth of your business.

Networking and Referrals

Networking and business referrals can be vital to your success as a finance professional and are part of your overall marketing strategy. Your finance and lending business is a reflection of you, and you must be in control of how you undertake networking and develop mutually beneficial referral partnerships.

Working with Clients

This module explores the areas of client interactions, communication and ongoing servicing. Your ability to effectively and efficiently work with clients is integral to your business's ongoing success.

Building a Professional Business

This module discusses the positioning of small business and the strategies and procedures required to ensure the initial and ongoing success of operations. The aim is to ensure you will have the business structures, systems and plans in place to establish, build and grow a sustainable finance and lending business.





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Business Finance Certification has been designed and developed by elevateB in partnership with the Five Nines Training. 

Business Finance Certification