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Mortgage Broking Mentoring Program

The Mortgage Broking Mentoring Program will enhance your skills and provide specific knowledge and tools to help you excel as a finance and mortgage broker.


The program provides the structure and a standardised approach to meet the two-year mentoring industry regulatory requirement. 


The targeted outcome of the program is to add value to finance professionals, especially newer brokers, making them more productive, capable, and effective in providing quality advice and lending solutions.


The Program

  • Refreshes and complements participants completed industry studies

  • Builds a suite of implementation tools for participants to use in real-world broking situations

  • Addresses a range of technical aspects, business acumen and client-centric "soft skills" in developing a broking practice

  • Meets the industry requirements for all new member brokers to be mentored for the first two years of their career

  • Allows mentors of participants access to the program as a means of overseeing their mentorship

  • Introduces participants to new and more complex areas of lending and finance 


As a Mentee, by completing the program, you will:​

  • Review and apply knowledge in residential lending

  • Gain confidence in more complex lending scenarios

  • Consider non-residential finance solutions  (such as commercial lending, asset finance, equipment finance and cashflow funding)

  • Build collateral to market your services

  • Determine the best ways to grow a productive business network

  • Hone your client interaction and communication skills

  • Plan for a successful and sustainable future


A structured approach to mentoring

Other benefits include:

  • Is delivered online, providing you with flexibility

  • Allows you to interact with other participants

  • Provides feedback and guidance from industry experts

  • Has tangible takeaways – your suite of usable tools and personal techniques

  • Can be accessed and overseen by your chosen mentor


Investment is only $330 per month (+GST) over 12 months

10% discount for upfront payment

Mentor access to the program requires an additional $400 (+GST)

To register your interest click the following URL and complete the online form.

Or Ring Phil Dempsey on 0412 586 653

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