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It was right under my nose!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The definition of the idiom “it was right under my nose” is - something that is visible and should be seen but is not noticed or found. It happens all the time in daily life (especially to males who can’t see the Vegemite in the fridge straight in front of us!). But it is also common in business and clubs, where we go about our routines and lose sight of what’s around us.

The best way forward or the solution to our problems is often right under our noses.

Knowing the resources you have available, and managing them properly is a powerful managerial skill set.

However, there is no magic trick or approach to resource awareness and management. In fact, it may need a mindset refresh to get the best out of your club environment. A crucial first step is recognition; which means stopping for a moment, looking at where you are and taking it in.

Where are you right now? What are you doing? What are you trying to accomplish? How are you engaging in your club?

The last question is an important one because the resources around you are the connection between your intentions and your actions. Resources are the tools you use to achieve the club’s goals and to supplement the experiences of your team and club members.

Every club has a set of resources that can be used operationally. Resource management is a broad category of management that helps in planning, organising and controlling the tasks, actions and activities that propel your club forward.

The following are some of the different areas of resource management.

  • Human Resources: In hospitality, employees are the main resource for any club. HR resource management is about selection, recruitment, onboarding, training, development, payroll and compliance. It also includes performance management, safety and welfare, and staff motivation.

  • Infrastructure Management: Managing foundational structures like facilities and amenities including deployment and maintenance.

  • Financial Resource Management: It deals with all things related to money including assets (cash, stock, buildings, etc.) and liabilities (loans, creditors, tax, etc.).

  • Inventory Management: Control and optimisation of inventory to maximise club profit and create satisfied members.

  • IT Service Management: Operating information technology assets and services of a club.

Awareness is the key. Knowing what you have at your disposal and how you can make the best use of these available resources.

From there, the process of effectively managing the resources around you starts by exploring the motivation to use them in the first place. Are member experiences dull and boring and need something new and dynamic? Are you limited by funds? Is there a better use of time or a change in activity? Do your staff need to be engaged more? Are you lacking a connection to the community or the outside world? Do you have something you want to share to enhance operations?

The next club manager's webinar, “Resource Management”, drills down into the different types of resources and discusses the ways club managers may be able to work with and get the most from each resource. Recognising the importance of balance and giving all areas of resource due attention.

If you would like to register and attend, please visit


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