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Business Finance Certification

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

So you want to be a Business Finance Professional

The Mortgage and Finance Broking industry has evolved over the last four or five decades, faced some challenges and changes along the way, and some say is now at an important crossroads.

The ups and downs have included the shake-up following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), where many second-tier providers withdrew from the market, leaving the big banks as major beneficiaries through increased market power.

Then there was the introduction of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP) with its responsible lending conduct and external dispute resolution accessibility. A licencing framework that ‘weeded’ out some of the unprofessional elements from the industry.

In more recent times there have been the reverberations from the Financial Services Royal Commission and the Sedgwick Review heralding potential legislative changes that would substantially move the goalposts for the industry.

And there is the ever-looming and increasing presence of Robo-advice and its capacity to ‘take clients away’ from traditional brokers.

Despite (or because of) all of this, the broker market share sits around the 50% mark, and the major banks continue to support the channel.

So, if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it! – WRONG!

This is the worst saying for finance and mortgage brokers. Those that don’t continue to develop and evolve will wither on the vine and become obsolete, as has been witnessed in other industries.

For finance professionals and their organisations, the opportunity exists to diversify and offer clients solutions for their business needs as well as their personal lending needs.

On the surface, a move into this Business Finance space for a traditional mortgage broker seems compelling. They have lending clients on their books, many of whom are running their own businesses and have immediate financing and borrowing needs. Further, reports suggest that a sizeable number of businesses are citing capital constraints and access to capital as major impediments to growth and success. A PESTEL analysis (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legislative) would indicate now is the time for brokers to step up and secure new and lucrative clients.

However, the knowledge, products and systems required to deliver business finance advice and services are quite different from those that have been administered by many brokers to date. Brokers will need to upskill and educate themselves to successfully transition and diversify their client offerings.

And, within the business and SME financing areas, there is a variety of specialisations, all of which have a different range of skills, tools and techniques. In embarking on the journey to become a business finance broker, individuals and their organisations need to consider and may focus on Commercial Property Lending, Asset and Equipment Finance or Cash Flow Financing, or combinations of these.

In conjunction with industry experts, elevateB has developed a self-paced, online, interactive learning program that provides the Business Finance Certification. The program addresses a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills required to be a business finance broker. In addition, it provides business strategies and soft skills that assist you to market and deliver your new-found client offerings. For more information on the Business Finance Certification, click here.


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