FASEA Exam Preparation

The new requirements under the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) represent a profound shift in the regulation and delivery of financial advice in Australia. For new entrants and existing advisers, the FASEA exam must be passed to either maintain or secure your status as a Financial Adviser.

This tailored program, designed by industry experts, will get you exam-ready and assist you to pass the FASEA Exam, the first time.



The comprehensive program is delivered via an interactive, online platform providing the flexibility to study and learn at times that suits participants commitments and at a pace that suits their lifestyle. Program material is comprised of readings, links, videos, activities, and quizzes in a comprehensive learning experience.

Regulations - Corporations Law

This module introduces you to the regulatory framework underpinning the provision of financial advice and financial planning in Australia. It also provides a brief history and background to regulation. The Module then provides key definitions and an outline of the relevant sections of the Corporations Act that cover financial advice.

Additional Regulatory Framework

As well as the Corporations Act, there is a host of regulations and legislation that apply to the financial services industry. This module introduces you to the additional regulations, including Anti-Money Laundering, Privacy and TASA legislation that underpins the provision of financial advice and financial planning in Australia.


This module introduces you to professionalism and trust in the Australian Financial Planning context by ensuring your awareness and positioning your thinking in alignment with the criteria established by the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA).


This module focuses on the question of ethics and how ethics impacts decision making. It will ask you to consider your decision making in the context of financial advice, the Australian Financial Planning industry and your particular environmental context.

FASEA Code of Ethics

The FASEA Code of Ethics is a set of principles and core values that provides the framework to shape and reinforce the ethical conduct of financial advisers. It seeks to give individuals a detailed and thorough understanding of the duties and associated duty of care financial advisers have to their clients and to society as a whole. Its overarching mandate is to shape every aspect of financial advisers conduct in distinguishing the services they provide as professional and not commercial. Compliance with the Code of Ethics is a requirement for all financial advisers from 1 January 2020.

Financial Advice Construction

The final module in the program applies the elements of the previous modules in applying techniques and processes in the provision of financial advice to retail clients. The processes take into account the environmental context of the advice given and an objective understanding of the client’s situation and needs.





Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion endorsed by . Your certification will note up to 20 hours of professional development and importantly will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and confidence to sit the FASEA Exam.

For FASEA Exam registration dates, sitting schedules and locations, please visit https://www.fasea.gov.au/register-sitting-the-examination/



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