FBAA Mentoring Program

The FBAA Mentoring Program has been designed to enhance the skills, deliver specific knowledge and provide tools for new to industry mortgage brokers. The program provides the structure and a standardised approach to meet the two-year mentoring industry regulatory requirement.

The targeted outcome of the program is to add value to finance professionals, especially newer brokers, making them more productive, capable, and effective in providing quality advice and lending solutions



The comprehensive program is delivered via an interactive, online platform providing the flexibility to study and learn at times that suit participants commitments and at a pace that suits their lifestyle. Program material is comprised of readings, links, videos, discussion forums, activities and quizzes in a comprehensive learning experience.

Promoting Yourself and Your Services

When it comes to promoting or marketing a service, it can, at times, be more challenging than promoting or marketing a product. In finance, you are not selling something tangible; you are, in fact selling the invisible. When selling a service, like mortgage broking, marketing effectively and creating a good customer experience is extremely important in turning a prospect into a client. The overall experience has an impact on the perceived value of the service, which eases the worry, concern and risk that the prospective client may feel.

Building Business Relationships

Building business relationships through networking and referrals can be vital to your success as a mortgage broker and are part of your overall marketing strategy. Your mortgage broking business is a reflection of you, and you must be in control of how you undertake networking and develop mutually beneficial referral partnerships.

Fundamentals of Residential Lending

Your industry-based studies to date have provided you with the basis for understanding the technical aspects of offering a mortgage broking service. In this module, we will recap on these fundamentals and focus on their implementation and application. As a licenced credit representative, you will need to provide explanations and advise clients on areas they have little understanding or knowledge on.

Client Interactions and Communication

At this point, you will be armed with technical knowledge on residential lending options, services and products; considerations around marketing your mortgage broking services; and ways to establish beneficial networks and referral partnerships. This next module explores the areas of client interactions, communications, and ongoing servicing. Your ability to effectively and efficiently communicate, outline your service offerings and ultimately work with clients is integral to the ongoing success of your mortgage broking business.

More Complex Residential Lending

Both the needs of the modern-day client and the options available to them have continued to become more varied and complex. Your ability to think outside the square, offer non-traditional services and provide solutions to tricky scenarios can distinguish you from your competitors. This module introduces, explores and tests your application into some of the more complex areas of residential lending.

Business Lending

This module introduces participants to non-residential finance and lending opportunities. It provides a basis for working with SME clients and their business finance needs. Established mortgage brokers are starting to recognise the opportunities that exist (and have been missed) in offering business lending as part of their services. Whilst some of the fundamentals are the same, business lending requires an enhanced suite of technical, product and client-facing skills.





Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion endorsed by the Club Managers Association of Australia (CMAA) .

This certification satisfies the education component of the prestigious Active Certified Club Managers Award (ACCM).



$3,600 including GST